In Latvia and Lithuania, it is a relatively rare nesting species (white-spotted bluethroat – subspecies cyanecula), a specially protected species. It is distributed unevenly, more often in the southeast of Latvia. The information about distribution in Lithuania is scarce, distributed in suitable habitats across the country. Protected species in Lithuania, enlisted into the Lithuanian Red Data Book. Wetlands of Daugavpils city and its surroundings are important nesting sites of the species in Latvia. It returns from hibernation places in Africa, behind Sahara, Southern Europe and the Middle East, in the middle of April. Males are very splendid with bright blue chin and blue-red breasts, with a black band in the middle. The females are basically grey-brown with white eyebrows, light grey, almost white chin, bounded by a dark grey band. They have a typical mating flight performed by a male during a song